Professional Experience

TLDR: I'm a UX Specialist with software development background with almost 15 years of experience. For the last 5 years I have been working in solutions for Brazilian market. Currently, I am working as UX Specialist at PagSeguro UOL focused on payment solutions. Before this, I have worked as UX Designer for, as UX Researcher for Samsung and with UX and UI for software development at Eldorado Research Institute.



I received the challenge of structuring the Research Ops area for PagSeguro Design Team. PagSeguro is part of UOL Group and offers a complete payment ecosystem solution for the Brazilian market.

The Research Ops provides processes and support for the design and product team during any discovery and validation about the current and future users information, mixing qualitative and quantitative information in order to guide the strategic and tactical decisions.


previously @ 


2016 - 2018

I've been working at at the video delivering platform. The main product I have been supporting is the Globosat Play product, a TV Everywhere solution for Pay-TV provider's clients, delivering live and on-demand content from important channels from Brazilian Pay-TV.

During this period, I had the opportunity to:

  • Support the development of Olympics 2016 platform for Sportv

  • Run big data analysis and user interviews to make a "check-up" of Globosat Play product in order to guide next steps

  • Deep analysis of legacy architecture and internal user needs to support the Globosat Play Web redesign.

season 2 @ samsung 

2013 - 2016

I have worked at Samsung Innovation Group from Campinas - Brazil from 2013 until 2016. We were responsible for the research and concept definition for health, education and disruptive solutions focused on Brazilian and Latin America markets.


Begins @ Eldorado Institute


2004 - 2013

I started my professional career as a software developer at Eldorado Institute in the middle of 00's. During the almost ten years working there, I have shifted my career to develop UX Designer skills. So I performed front-end and back-end development, usability analysis, requirement analysis, web design, interaction design, user research, UX Lead and... ok, it is enough. :)

The projects were a range of variety too: I delivered projects to Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Semp Toshiba and AOC and supported platforms such as web, mobile (Android, Windows Phone, Bada Smartphones and Android Tablets), POCs and Smart TVs.

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What else?

Oh, you read until here... You are so sweet! You may be interested in some additional information...

  • I made the move from Software Development for UX Design before 10s (it was not even called UX Design these days, but I was already trying to make the user's life better...).

  • Multi-platform lover! I had the opportunity of designing interaction solutions for desktop solutions, responsive web, mobile apps, smartphones and tablets, POSs, Ultrasound, Virtual far.

  • Each new market to discover is also a glad opportunity. So far I got deep into the problems and needs from areas such as education, restaurant attendance, customer service support, healthcare, human seniority, video broadcast and streaming, sports content...

  • I use empathy (for users, stakeholders, developers, managers, etc.) to guide us in designing solutions that match user desires, technical feasibility, and business needs.

  • I believe in the knowledge sharing as a tool for knowledge building. ('May I ask you a talk or a mentoring session?' Sure!).

  • I really enjoy the challenge of understanding people and dealing with complex user data. Qualitative research, trend reports, user big data... extracting knowledge and insights from all this mess is fun for me.

  • At last, but not least, I like to be in an environment where I can grow and make others grow too. Competitiveness is for the market, I prefer to take part in projects where I really can support and be supported by every player that works around me, share information and find solutions that match everybody's goals.

I am fed up talking about me, let's talk about you: Be my guest!