I really enjoy sharing what I learned during my career. Following there is a list of the topics I already presented. If you need a speaker, let me know! ;)


user data: the basics regarding quali & quanti

In the tech industry we have the challenge of understanding our user needs and behavior on a small and large scale. So, based on three points, this talk: (1) highlights the importance of user research as a crucial part of solutions development; (2) exposes some qualitative and quantitative methodologies by showing real cases and; (3) proposes how and when to use them during a project development, from the strategy until the market release. | keynotes |

@ UniUOL Talk | UOL | 2019

@ UX Café | Inovabra Habitat | 2019


UX tips for Startups

This talk was structured to focus on startups needs and used case studies to explain UX concepts such as 1. demystifying what UX can deliver; 2. understanding user needs and behaviors using qualitative and quantitative data and; 3. brief focus on UX Design professional profiles and tips to search a designer that fits the startup moment and needs. | keynotes | video |

@ UX & Venture Day 2018 | SEBRAE-SP

Globosat Play Big Data Cases

Sharing some examples of the use of Big Data to guide UX design decisions in a context of product continuous improvement. The cases are from the product Globosat Play, the TV Everywhere platform for delivering Pay TV Channels content from Grupo Globo. | keynotes | video |

@ Interaction South America 2017

UX and Tech Teams Integration 

Understanding the Tech companies, its needs, and its culture to promote a better approach when making the onboard of UX Design Teams. Also, some methodologies and processes that may be used to make this onboarding easier | keynotes |

@ Interaction South America 2017

@ Interaction South America 2015

any research is better than no research

Talk about UX Guerrilla Research Methods and why it fits the Brazilian job market needs and restrictions. I presented some personal examples, what I learned applying this methodology and suggested steps to apply this kind of research | keynotes |

@ UX Talk 2nd Edition| IXDA Belo Horizonte + She's Tech | 2017

Samsung Ultrasound Experience 

Presented the process and lessons learned with the project Samsung Ultrasound Experience | keynotes | video |

@ UX Cases | IXDA Rio de Janeiro | 2016

@ Interaction South America 2015

Why developers impact UX

Lightning talk to share how developers and tech professionals are important to provide and influence the user experience with digital products | keynotes | video |

@ Google Women Techmakers 2014

Ux Guerrilla Research

How a fast and lean user research can already deliver insights about user needs and behaviors | keynotes

@ UX Talks | IXDA Campinas | 2014

UX design for software companies 

Presenting UX concepts and tools to demystify it for  software development professionals. Aditionally: brief focus on UX Design professional profile, management models for design teams and how to fit the design deliveries into the software development cycle. | keynotes

@ UX Talks | IXDA Campinas | 2013

comuna | bringing people together

Final project from the post-graduate course in Interaction Design, we explored methods of user-centered design to propose a mobile system that aims to alleviate loneliness and insecurity feelings that are growing due to the big cities lifestyle. | keynotes |

@ Interaction South America 2012