US Patent application 2017

Method for sharing patient pregnancy data during ultrasound | A method for sharing patient pregnancy data during ultrasound examination, including: capturing relevant pregnancy data by means of an ultrasound machine by the doctor/sonographer without exam interruption; storing pregnant relevant data captured/collected from the pregnant into a local machine; and transmitting the compressed relevant data sent by the local machine to the cloud service, assigned with a unique patient identification; and allowing access of the smart device to a cloud service assigned with a unique patient identification through a web service. | patent 

US Patent application 2016

Method for communication between devices through the interaction of users with objects | The method identifies the user interaction with a specific object. According to this interaction, the method extracts personal information and associate it with an output message that will be sent to the target contact/user (which can be another person, a group of people, a system/service, or objects in general) | patent 

Interaction south america 2015

Samsung Ultrasound Experience  |  This project aimed to raise Samsung ultrasound equipment sales by providing a new and delightful experience for the pregnant patient | article | keynotes 

US Patent application 2015

Method for communication between users and smart appliances | Method that allows users of smart appliances to interact in a similar way with objects such as devices, smart appliances, Web services, software applications and people | patent 

iberian 2014

Recognition and Recommendation of Parking Places | Current solutions to recommend available parking spaces rely on intentional user feedback. In this paper, we propose a solution based application that runs on commodity smartphones and makes use of the advanced sensor capabilities in these devices, along with methods of statistical analysis of the collected sensor data to provide useful recommendations. We also enhance the solution with more sensor capability to discover desirable properties in parking spaces | article 

US Patent application 2014

System for mobile a device with detachable camera | A system which is used to obtain photographs and videos using a detachable camera from a mobile device. The camera includes a body of flexible and magnetic polymeric material attached to a non-ferrous metal head which encapsulates the main components that interface with the main device | patent

Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computer Systems, IHC 2012

Design and Development Team Process | Exposure of self-industry experience of a design team adopting agile methods and house agency concept to provide UX/UI design deliveries for development teams | acm publication | articlekeynotes

Interaction south america 2012

Comuna Project | At this project we explored methods of user-centered design to propose a mobile system that aims to alleviate loneliness and insecurity feelings that are growing due to the big cities lifestyle | article | keynotes