Predictive Products

The objective of this project was to identify activities and user behaviors that could be noticed by current smart-phones and wearable sensors to design new solutions and services that can be offered for users, using algorithms to predict needs and deliver a serendipity experience.

Based on the use of Naturalistic Observation methodology for daily activities, we mapped user scenarios, pain points, and desires. This mapping was crossed with the devices' sensors data we could receive. Ideation process made it possible to stress future possibilities technology could offer. The last step was to "group" the ideas as product scenarios and present it as a solution.

One of the outputs and the first public result of this project was the paper “Recognition and Recommendation of Parking Spaces” which one has been accepted for IBERAMIA2014, the 14th edition of the Ibero-American Conference on Artificial Intelligence.


This solution from the publication is based on the collective and not intentional data collection to deliver users information where there is available park lots and some extra information.