AOC Applications Store

The goal of this project was to provide an ecosystem to applications focused on Tablets as competitive differentiation for the AOC Tablets.

The company noticed that, for the target audience, people didn't use to have familiarity with the Android ecosystem yet, since it was still a recent release in Brazil and not yet accessible for all audiences.

Focusing on this need, it was decided to build a complete new Launcher, App Store and new applications to support and make it easy this initial and continuous interaction with the device.

Home from the AOC Apps Store

Home from the AOC Apps Store


In order to understand the user needs for this specific context, I conducted the user research to build the Personas that would guide all the UX and UI development. This research was based on guerrilla research methods and was useful to amplify the shared knowledge about the user with other roles from the project, such as developers, PMs and client Stakeholders.


Based on the research and alignment with the stakeholders from the project, I designed wireframes from the upcoming solutions, so it would be possible to check navigation possibilities, information architecture and communicate with the development team about feasibility. Although we designed focusing in provide all the navigation inside the touch screen, since we understood this would be more intuitive for the final user, it was important to consider all the physical buttons from the tablet to map the expected actions for them too.

Wireframes to test solutions

Wireframes to test solutions


Usability Tests

After the visual UI defined and implemented by the development team, for some critical applications, I conducted the usability tests with users from the observed profile. The tests also had been conducted using Guerrilla Methods, since it was not possible to perform a formal usability test process. The tests had been recorded and edited to share the perceptions and support the necessary development changes.



The new Launcher, App Store and applications had been launched and announced as a good result by the client, as can be seen on these articles from Exame and TIBahia.

Viviane Delvequio