(esse conteúdo está também em português)


I am offering 10-minute mentoring sessions through Office Hours platform. The idea is to open a channel to talk about UX, offering:

  • Career mentoring;
  • Portfolio review;
  • Support for startups  or;
  • What else you believe I can help with ˆˆ

Since I have been working for almost 15 years with talented people and for great companies, I believe I may help who is starting an UX career or making professional moves. If you believe that is your case, lets talk! 

The platform provides schedule, call support and it "cuts" the call after 10 minutes. It is cool to focus on what matters and provide a more personal first contact with the ones I don't know yet.


How much?

It is free.

All your work is to define what you want to talk about. 


 "I am trying to take over the world!"

Ok, the truth: I have learned a lot exchanging information with fellows - at the work, at UX events, at beer drinking moments - so I would like to make it easy to share this knowledge and - maybe - help others too.

isn't 10 min enough?

Although I've noticed 10 min is enough to cover first steps portfolio feedback and career tips, maybe you are looking for more detailed support.

So, if you want a more detailed feedback or even a career coach, let me know too. I am building an UX coaching plan and you may be my free-tester.