(esse conteúdo está também em português)


Once a week I set aside time for community exchanges. The idea is to open a channel to talk about UX, offering:

  • Career mentoring;

  • Portfolio review;

  • Support for startups;

  • Exchange knowledge about any topic I like to talk about or;

  • What else you believe I can help with ˆˆ

Since I learned a lot working and exchanging with the community, I believe I may help with the topics above. If you think it is good idea, pick a free time here and let’s talk!


How much?

It's free.

After all, it's just a conversation.

All you need to do is to define what you want to talk about and pick a free time here.


It can be an online conversation by

Or, for those who are in São Paulo, it may be in person at this café.

Whether it is one or the other, check available dates here.


 "I am trying to take over the world!"

Ok, the truth: I have learned a lot exchanging information with fellows - at the work, at UX events, at beer drinking moments - so I would like to make it easy to share this knowledge and keep learning from different challenges from outside of my box. ;)