Seniors Research

Photo by  Cristian Newman  on  Unsplash

Here there is a compilation of academic ethnographic research performed with seniors from Brazil. The objective was to test and understand the possible outputs from some research methodologies. It had been based on three methods:

1) Someone like me – Uma pessoa como eu 
The image self-construction is the first point for anthropological research. This research had been based in self-documentation, where the interviewed answered to some questions taking photos by her self.

2) My home, my temple – Minha casa, meu templo 
The home (the place where the individual lives) structure and objects compose the meaning source that is the second point for antropological researchs. This research had been based in photo documentation and interview.

3) Field research – Pesquisa de campo 
The individual culture is the third point for antropological researchs. This research had been based in photo documentation, activity observation and interview.

4) Five Objects Interview  - Entrevista com Cinco Objetos

The concept of technology in a so fast-changing world is experienced in different ways for each individual. In order to understand the elders' relation and their concept of technology, this research was focused on asking the interviewed ones to show the five objects from home they considered more technological and explain how they use and the difficulties of using each one. The interview documentation is available in the videos below:


As output common characteristics seen:

  • The common feeling of missing (saudade) of loved people who had already left or that are yet alive, but don’t live near the interviewed;
  • The family importance;
  • The use of television as a common pastime and a strong knowledge and relation with this;
  • Proud of showing what they consider very technological and how they use it;
  • Accessibility issues that are not perceived by then.
academicViviane Delvequio